Nazi Paintings - Film

The source of propaganda is war.
Global wars, turmoil and psychological war.
Fight and die for an idea or a belief.
Buy and eat to feel a love lacking elsewhere in life.
Sit down and switch off, reality is hard.

I wanted to do a short study on the evolution of propaganda, how it became infamous through the Nazi regime in WWII and how it was later adopted by every company known to man. Propaganda to make people live a certain way and feel certain emoutions and eventually a fear used to either fight and die, or a fear used to buy and buy.

Hitler made germany fear 'genetic impurity' resulting in his holocaust and also the fear of becoming weak after Germany was greatly weakened from their defeat in WWI. Then uncle sam did something similar with anti-german and pro-american posters, they even made kids cartoons spread the fear of the nazis: which thankfully today is considered racism.

Fear went on to fully fuel the cold war and both Korean and Vietnam wars and numerous other american interventions globally. The fear of 'communism'. Which is still very strong in modern america; constantly referring to politicians and public figures who show beliefs different to their own, as communist. Not to mention the crazy anti-intellectual 'Red Scare (1947–1957)' in america that deported, black-list and arrested hundreds of people for being suspected as having communist thoughts (or being homosexual ('sexual perverts')), including inspirational film-makers and intellectuals.

While today, today we fear difference, we fear not looking like the girl on tv, not owning that new HD tv like all of your neighbours. We are thought that 'things' can make us happy. The love and acceptance of others is paramount in the brainwashing. Not to mention the war on drugs and terror.

Just because propaganda is now usually known as 'media', little has changed since the Nazis.

I made this little clip show mainly using Chroma Keyers which is the effect used to remove green from a green screen and only leave the person or objects that aren't green. I sat down and made about 400 quick images with paint using green, blue and red, made them into a short video then simply took the red out using a keyer and added a clip, then took the green and added a clip and the same with blue.

I'm proud of the resulting effect and how the quickly paced images are very metaphorical of how we're just fed so many images through tv, film etc. It is sometimes obvious that the keyers don't always get rid of 100% of the colours and sometimes leave some static but I am still very proud of how it turned.

Thanks for watching/reading.