Judging Movies by Their Trailers

#JMTT - Ep.#1

Resident Evil Retribution

Following their ingenious, Patrick Steward narrated, pseudo-advertisement teaser trailer; the entire world was left buzzing with anticipation for a full blown trailer and here it is.


After pumping out an impressive 5 Resident Evil Films (not to mention 2 CGI features and a short film) since 2002, it's a surprise the franchise is still going strong while most other blockbusters die off at the nice trilogy mark. Somehow the lead writer for all films - Paul W.S. Anderson - manages to keep them coming, and with the whole new 'revamp', of sorts, to the story, allowing the perfect amount of sci-fi and Dawn of the Dead type 'omg what if that was my little suburban home', this looks to be the best yet. Even with the gimmicky 3D, it should be good fun.

Django Unchained

As much as I unconditionally love Quintin Tarantino, I'm starting to wonder if revenge films are all he can do. Not complaining, but if that's the case, maybe he should hand his crown down to somebody else?

Django Unchained, set for a Christmas release date, is taking the whole abused african american - The Colour Purple, The Help type stuff - and turning it completely on its head witha bounty hunter twist (no relation to Jango Fett). Knowing Tarantino, it will be well paced, as well as containing memorably disillusioned dialogue which will rapidly be on every cool cats tshirt and wallet for miles. Wouldn't be surprised if the wife dies in the end. He's that kind of guy.

Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2


The word 'finale' in this trailer makes it well worth the watch. It's a very nice word.

This is it folks, the moment the female hive mind has been waiting for!  Well now that Kristian Steward is a vampire I look forward to seeing some of that acting she must've been saving for this movie. She can hardly be a pouty timid vampire can she? Anyway, Steward abuse aside, one thing I do look forward to are the Volturi - the bad guys. They are the only positive vamp-y lore worth remembering; secret societies, growling evilly and Dakota Fanning, really everything vampires should be. Even if 'Twihards' have successfully killed the vampire myth for the next couple of years, maybe if the bad guys are badass enough we may all be able to find something salvageable out of that two hours of our lives.