Update: Parisian Film, Wes Anderson and Portrait Tests

I recently contributed to a piece on the Eternity of Dream film blog called Paris in Genres.
With the same idea as its previous Christmas in Genres piece: it is basically a list and short summary of movies based around one topic with varying film genres.

I was lucky enough to get the Romance Genre for the city of love and picked something different rather than anything stereotypically Goddard-ian or from Hollywoods' Golden Age.

You can see it all here.


Shala, another film blogger who tackled the genre of Music, linked this incredible Wes Anderson short based in the iconic Parisian Hotel Chevalier, with Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman, that I wanted to reblog.

I know little-to-nothing about Anderson other than the various anti-Anderson abuse found around parts of the internet, and unfortunately this is the first of his work I've ever seen.

Those tracking shots, those
EyesWide Shut-esque play with colours, that acting. Wow. He's got himself a new fan.


I recently did some lighting studies with my little sister that you can see compiled below:

And accidentally came out the other side with this incredibly beautiful (if I don't say so myself) shot. Straight into the portfolio!

More portraits here.
first image from fabulous23.deviantart.com