Why People Hate The Big Bang Theory (Show)

The Big Bang Theory treats you like an idiot, Firstly. Secondly, although it hops on the band wagon during the growth in pop nerd culture, it does nothing to help the prejudice of people of a 'nerdy' tendency, if anything, it furthers the divide between cultural norms, making nerds appear more pathetic than ever. Currently one of the most successful shows on television, it seems to amuse all but those whom it attempts to portray as its characters.

Lets not forget that without these stereotypical nerds there would be no internet for you to read this on. As a result, behind its highly demanded torrents and popular youtube clips, the internet generally hates 'The Big Bang Theory'.

Make it past the hive minds of the likes of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and you'll soon realise that the world isn’t so unanimous as you first thought. Sites like Reddit and 4chan, hubs for intellectuals, anti-conformists, trolls and 'nerds' alike, have always shown discontent towards the falseness, misrepresentation and brainwashing of The Big Bang Theory.

Provoking this article is a Reddit post asking;

'Reddit, I've never understood why you hate The Big Bang Theory (show) so much, any compelling reasons why?' 

...from a few weeks ago. It is then referred to as 'the nerd blackface' and 'the Sheldon Cooper show' in an attempt to show its iconomania which replaces any genuine well written humour.

Here are some interesting opinions from the thread:

“BBT falls into the problems of almost every multiple-camera sitcoms. No artful cinematography, obnoxious laugh track, tired jokes, characters lack depth, and so on and so forth. But really gets me is that it's like a minstrel show of nerd culture. Granted, that's a bit strong, but let me explain. We have really exaggerated 'nerdy' characters who are clearly not written by actual nerds. Characters say things like "I play a level nineteen barbarian in 'Magic: The Gathering'!", which is not how that game works. Any actual nerds who watch that show can see it for what it is: a shameless capitalization on the recent popularity of Nerd Culture.”

“BBT is hurting the nerd culture more than helping it. It's making people believe that anyone who is even mildy interested in videogames and science is a complete social wreck, and while that is sometimes true, most of the time it actually isn't.”

In my opinion it's aimed at females who believe they have some nerd qualities(see idiot nerd girl meme) and as a result relate to the humor. Small sample size but I know that both my sister and gf are both big fans of the show. Neither are what any real nerd would see as remotely nerdy, but the humor hits home.” [see http://i.imgur.com/qI35V.jpg ]

“The pandering is bad, but mostly it's just that I can't fucking stand these oldschool sitcoms. BBT is just yet another shitty one.”

The canned laughter at the end of every phrase, regardless of whether it is actually funny or not, is a particular annoyance to most. Here is a beautiful interpretation of the bizarreness and over-the-top style of its canned laugh track, from of the people at 4chan:

And take a look at an interesting video of BBT without the canned laughter:

In Series 4 episode 4, they mention another piece of nerd culture but may have pushed their ideologies too far. Leonard admits that Penny and him broke up because he had online sex with a World of Warcraft character called 'Glissinda, the troll'. Not only is it impossible to have sex in WoW but it also seemed to further stereotype gaming culture and MMO players. One angry Reddit critic saying:

“Now BBT takes the simple angle of online "perversity". This is the easy route because it makes everyone feel a little uncomfortable and giggle while at the same time it's being shown as a symptom of being a loser nerd that can't get laid. So the audience is one up on the protagonist because they aren't losers like that.

So the BBT episode dealt with nothing unique to MMOs and didn't even handle the situation of sex in online gaming with any kind of sophistication. It simply demeaned Warcraft in a way that didn't accurately reflect what's really going on in MMOs. Cybering is the absolute last place you'd go if you wanted to parody the behaviours of Warcraft players. There's way more fertile material that can actually act as social criticism rather than a cheap joke that only works in the context because it assumes the audience doesn't understand what they are talking about. The joke in BBT isn't written for anyone that's played WoW. It's a generally lame comment on the nature of cyber sex just put into the context of WoW because they know their audience will recognize the name of the game and probably know a person or two that played it. They probably thought it was weird how the person they met talked about it. They don't understand it. Oh, but okay I see it's because they can have lame loser online sex in the game. Now I get WoW and I know why my friend was so excited about it. Because he was having a pervy wank online.
It's cheap, the context is wrong and it plays on lack of understanding of the audience.”

Creator and mastermind Chuck Lorre, who is also the creator of Two and a half Men, doesn’t seem to notice (or maybe he just doesn’t care) that the characters he is portraying are offending the type of people who come close to living out the real lives of Sheldon, Leonard and the gang. He saw the rise in nerd culture, thick rimmed glasses and 90s kids reminiscing about Pok√©mon and the sorts and took full advantage.

Lorre is a smart man and takes no shame in the fact that he can never please everybody. During the end credits of his programs he shows an ironically named 'vanity card' written by Lorre himself for each new episode, which can be found at chucklorre.com. In vanity card #171 he says; “If you are one of these viewers, and you have just watched and been appalled by tonight's episode, I'd like to tell you the old joke about the hunter who goes into the woods to hunt for a bear.

A hunter goes into the woods hunting for a bear. When he is deep in the woods he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns to see an enormous grizzly towering above him. Before he can fire, the beast rips the rifle out of his hands and proceeds to sodomize him. Mortified, the hunter retreats to his cabin, arms himself with a double-barrelled shotgun, and races back into the woods to find and kill his furry assailant. But once again, the bear sneaks up behind the hunter, pulls the weapon from his hands and has his lusty way with him. Undeterred, the hunter equips himself with a machine gun and treks back into the woods where he is again ambushed, disarmed and defiled by the bear. Now, apoplectic with moral outrage, the hunter flies to a third world country where he buys a heat-seeking, shoulder-launched, nuclear-tipped rocket from an international arms dealer. Convinced he finally has the upper hand, he returns to the woods, tracks the bear to his lair and patiently waits to vaporize him. And yes, again, the bear surprises, disarms and sexually assaults him. But this time, before the hunter can run off to acquire more lethal armaments, the bear enfolds him in his massive arms and says, "You don't really come out here to hunt, do ya?"
Well, that's the joke. Take from it what you will with one caveat: The moral is not "beware of homosexual bears."”

See full reddit thread here.
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