Sylvia - Review - As a Poem

Decided to write this review for 'Sylvia' (2003), staring Gwyneth Paltrow and Daniel Craig, in the form of a poem to honour the real life subject Sylvia Plath. Film directed by Christine Jeffs.

taking a risk is never their goal.
Cowardly Jeffs
slots perfectly.

Almost 4 words
riddled 2 hours


Hollywood rapes the lives
of those in frame,
heavy breathing and
direct quotes are expected

They are not
real people, they
are from another world
entirely. Ghostly figures.

Death stalks itself.
Love is beaten to a
pulp. You are suddenly
watching a horror.

its back again
trembling trumpets
all to accompany

Fragments of love
pop like corks while
shadows pour into
the fragile Sylvia

Sharp oceans
scare all those except
the young and the
sharp oceans themselves

The line is cut
the line is cut
was it ever actually
there to start

a friend is not a friend
you are a vampire
the viewers your villagers
stamping on you

He exists with the
the lids of her eyes,
the film is equally

A friend is found
to delay the end,
between the start
and the middle

Love and Hate
are also friends
both sharing screentime
Jeffs hates/loves us.

You were strong
but broken and
falling and a parrot
in a sea of birds

and you had a chance
and instead
that chance had you
and us

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