Clichéd Pseudo-Anarchist Music

Muse have a new music video out. Although they are naturally getting a lot of hate from their anti-elctro conservative fans, they did still manage to have one of their songs picked as the OFFICIAL London 2012 Olympics song, so they must be doing something right. Which is why their repetitive pop-music stuttering and their overly cliché riot police bullshit video came as such a surprise...

Leave the political preaching for Green Day and other equally desperate bands.

Believe it or not however there was a time when politicised music was the height of style. A short study on who did it right and who needs to take their head out of their self-entitled ass.

Rage Against The Machine
This is just something nice and friendly. Relevant, current, important, appeals to their anti-establishment audience - Rage have always had a grudge against how idiotic society was in 70s USA and still today attracts your average Che Guevara tshirt wearer all over the world. Regardless of how good they are at Cuban history. Anger in music works.

Ballads are a huge deal in Ireland. Anybody with any sort of Irish political opinion knows one off by heart. As much as I hate my country milking the publicity of northern irish troubles, U2 managed to do a pretty decent job and revitalised the Ballad for an entire generation. It's such a pity Bono grows into such a self-entitled grudge holding asshole...

John Lennon
Peaceful Ghandi-esque protests. Wanting peace and love and an end to all wars is a message that will unfortunately forever be relevant. Not just that, but that beautiful group singing and repeating his ideas is always incredible to hear. You sing along and all you will want is peace. A message, while popular at the time, never died out of importance.

Michael Jackson
The late MJ always had a habit of trying to 'help'. Hey guys, here's some shots of sick children, pretend to care and give me your money. My cynical approach may not be accepted by most rose tinted human beings but there was always something I never liked about his preachy, in your face, make the world better. A bit of modesty would’ve done some good. I get enough post-colonial guilt trips as it is.

Beastie Boys
Modern artists need to take note from them. Hiding any sort of political or anti-establishment idea in the form of partying is probably the best way of doing things. Let the blind simply enjoy it and leave the brave to learn from it.

Green Day
I'm finding it hard to gather my aggressive thoughts and assign them PG words to express them. Do I start with how they are one of the biggest 'sell-out' punk bands of all time and that all of their music is now manufactured or do I just play you some of their music? Fake anti-american ideas just because it will sell CDs. If America ever takes all of their troops out of the middle east Green Day will be out of a job.

Sex Pistols
Disenchantment can result in some pretty incredible music. Sometimes it's a little self destructive like in the case of the Sex Pistols. Politics were never discussed in their songs, more so shouted at and told to fuck off. Which, is fine by me personally but their reckless and punk music making ideas came across as too reckless, never actually achieving anything for society. Just like the top comment says: “The sex pistols having a vevo, is practically going against everything they stand for.”

Marilyn Manson
Called 'a marketing genius' by some and a god by others: Manson has an incredible bravery towards all topics social, emotional and otherwise. Saying things like "just cut our wrists like cheap coupons and say that death was on sale today" and "I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist" gets him all of the wrong attention as you can expect, but spend two minutes watching him speak and you'll realise that he is easily the most revolutionary musical social speaker of our time.