Films Healing The Middle East

Vice has come out with an incredibly interesting documentary about amateur film making in Lebanon and it's way of telling personal stories of the trials and tribulations of 2nd generation refugees.

Films, like most art, are always used to express the feelings of a person/peoples of an era. Japans horrors represent their feelings towards WWII and their nuked cities, Italy's avant-garde was inspired by the countries rise in futurism and German expressionists films show the countries disenchantment before and during the great war.

Now the people of the camps in Lebanon are trying to change the worlds view of their current homes. They are not full of terrorists, but people, women and children who all suffer and are forced to adapt to the horror that they live their lives.

'This gives us hope that our film in the future wont be dominated by vacant escapist Hollywood cartoon franchises' 
- Shane Smith, VICE 

Some truly inspirational stuff, and at a time when films seem to cause so much uproar in other places in the middle east.