What Richard Did - Irish Film Review

The newest grasp at the balls of the Irish film industry is the mysteriously named What Richard Did. From the director of Adam & Paul (another film that most outside Ireland would have never heard of), Lenny Abrahamson handles a more globally relatable approach, no longer taking on your quintessential Irish scumbag stereotype. The film itself portrays jealously, guilt, confusion and a certain angst and emotional break down that any life-embracing student can whole heartedly relate to.

It’s likely that you haven’t even heard of the film before, unless you’ve spotted its mysterious facebook ad: so first, a quick synopsis. Richard, played by Jack Reynor, is a rugby playing D4 head. He scrums with the lads, rucks with the local talent and tackles (okay I’ll stop now) the day-to-day existence of teenage life. After he gets the girl, played by Roisin Murphy, he starts to get a little paranoid and the humour from the beginning slips away as the drama kicks off.


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