Update: What I've Been Doing With My Life

To start; blogging is certainly not one of the things I've been doing with my life. I loved doing it, I loved expressing my opinion where a very few number of strangers would actually listen to what I had to say. Strange feeling.

I have become a fully fledged videographer. Well as much as anybody can pick up a brush and call themselves a painter, I have become a videographer. I don't really like the phrase to be honest. It's something anybody can do but only some can do it well and only some can make a living out of it and it's very rare those two groups interlink, fortunately for me.

FashionOne, and an English/German ex-glamourmodel in particular, have given me the opportunity to prove myself. While looking at some of the results I'm not very impressed with what I've done so far. I guess my expectations change faster than the speed at which I can edit the videos.

I've been traveling around the country working in beautiful places with beautiful people and the money is good too. Most people I've met, maybe because I'm so young, assume I'm getting paid little to nothing, which is fine by me, but I could live comfortably off this.

This is the first video I shot (not counting the strange Illuminati-esque event video I did)for FashionOne. It was multiple photoshoots in the one venue on the same day. Something I was quickly forced to get accustomed to. The video is all a bit uncomfortable but with the amount of studio work I've been doing of late I'd kill for that rooms cinematic capabilities again.

This is the first of one of FashionOnes new entertainment directions I shot. A Beauty Buzz, make-up tutorials essentially. They loved it, which is great as they're easy to make. I'm going to turn it into a cooking show.

Finally this is the third and last video that has been uploaded to FashionOne thus far. I wonder how many people have seen it around the world. There's people watching this in Hong Kong. What a very bizarre thing.

I still wanted to post them here and officially mark the rebirth of the (L)Azzy Blog. I've been slacking off as of late and haven't even had the chance to fangasm over the thoughts of Malicks upcoming film 'To The Wonder'. It wasn't until the ignorantly offensive opening paragraph to the ex-glamourmodel's new blog did I realise how much I missed it here and how I had to come back.

"I always thought blogging was just a space for people that had far too much time on their hands and nothing else to contribute to the world."