8 Things That Will Shape Film in 2013

Although 2012 will be a year forever haunted by the apocalyptic movie of the same name; it was a year of relative peace in the film world. We can only hope it's the calm before the storm.

Films Made for Women

Although mainstream films were being made for women since around the 60s they’ve never been so ridiculously popular. Harnessing teen emotions for profit is very 21st Century and with the end of the Twilight series a new chapter in film history is getting settled as it isn’t going anywhere fast, unfortunately.

'Magic Mike' staring a dancing Channing Tatum is a great example of what film has to offer us in 2013. No longer burdened by the white male eye of film-making; big directors will be taking up the reigns on such a profitable and fresh industry. With the director of the first Twilight film currently the highest paid female film director of all time, it's no wonder even the big shots like Steven Soderbergh are making their interesting mark on the next big blockbusters.

The Beginning of the End of Superhero Films

It has been a brilliant few years for the superhero film. Iron-man, Thor, X-men First Class and of course we cant forget Nolan’s Batman trillogy. What we have to look forward to is Superman. A Nolan/Snyder Superman, one that will most likely stand heads and tails above anything hero-esque made since 1978. It will peak.

The future of our lovable films look like they’re descending into a never-ending pit of Disney spin-offs until the franchise is ruined for another generation. There is an unlimited number of films coming out of the Avengers characters and Iron-Man and Thor sequels not to mention the open book Nolan left in the The Dark Night Rises perfect for round suits with dollar signs in their eyes. 'Batman & Robin' Take 2 anybody?


'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind', '300 Days of Summer' and 'Up in The Air'; three brilliant romance films, but not for the usual mentally numbing 'happily ever after', but for for something that bit less immersive – reality.

The metanarritives of true-love are collapsing. Like most metanarritives in the post-modern world we find ourselves in and while conservative film makers will drag bad romcoms kicking and screaming, those on trend with their viewers will continue make award winning material.

Love of Life

While true love will falter to the new generation of filmsters, love of life has never been so powerful. Court 13 Pictures, who were behind 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' and their brilliant short 'Glory at Sea', along with the likes of Terrance Malick and Ron Fricke, director of 'Samsara', lead the way of the ultimate celebration of life.

One hundred years of film has left us with nothing left to say, comparing existence to boxes of chocolate or the Swahili phrase 'hakuna matata' are so far beyond cliché that you can't even use them when being ironic. No, never has true unfiltered existence been so enjoyed in film. Running into sunsets, living in your home even though you know it's sinking and simply watching the world in motion; life has become a main character in every film.

3D Peaks

Two big films came out this year in 3D. Blockbusters. Shot in 3D and almost completely greenscreened. I think the fad is going to soon wear off. 2013 will find it at the height of 3D in the film world and it's only down from there.

While Hollywood will try to find a new way to stay ahead of the democratisation of film it will make sure that 3D lingers. Soon enough 3D cameras will be much cheaper and either everyone will be shooting on them or nobody will at all. Time will tell.

8mm Film

There's been enough music videos shot on super8 to know when the trend has slipped into the mainstream. Will there be full features in cinemas filmed on super8 film? No way. The ascetic it has however and the reminiscence of shooting film and not digital is sure to make an impact on the movies of 2013.

If not the film itself then the styles, the sunflairs, the screened lights, the coloured blacks and the idea of every frame coming straight out of instagram is something that has already caught on in film but will be even bigger from here on.

Tumblr Culture

I always compare Tumblr to Andy Warhol. Most people didn’t like it, most people didn’t understand it but for better or for worse it is going to shape our media world for good. Gore, glam and the naked body are just signs of the thick skin we've built up over a lifetime in front of a television. Now it's gone beyond sick and is being worshiped. Tumblr is art.

Company vs People

The battle will rage on. While studies show that even people in the film and television industry will admit to pirating things themselves and even though The Avengers becomes one of the highest grossing films of all time; if there is more money to be had, fat cats will be hunting it down.

MPAA will continue to sue innocent people and make examples of them. SOPA, PIPA and whatever else will try to contain the internet and all of its sharing wonders. The old will try to prevent change and the young will force it. So is the way of life I guess.


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