A Rip-off of Every Modern Fashion Film - Staring Lizzy Caplan

Nothing defines our generation more than a bit of blue tint in the shadows, some soft whispers and a beautiful hipster girl reminiscing about somebody else’s past. If it's not going to be the visually defining Malick then it will ultimately boil down to the rapid growth of fashion films, and hence the rapid growth of clichés.

Staring Lizzy Caplan and directed by Matthew Frost it documents your average day in the life of a beautiful person. 'Sometimes I think to myself in French'. Prancing around the room listening to 'authentic' 60s music and thinking about her inspirationally successful girlfriends – 'We not competing'.

If there’s one modern way of predicting what's 'cool' is just to rip-off whatever is popular, and you don’t have to be Adam Buxton with his incredible video of youtube stereotypes to pull it off.

Watch it below!