Attempting to Re-establish The Short Film w/ Vice

New found viral liberties have been great for film-makers and content creators of all sorts, made blatantly obvious by the rise of the, if not slightly cliché, fashion film and animated billboards. One area however has remained reserved for David Lynch-esque college experiments and dialogue-less emotional pieces; the short film. Vice, whos film-based documentaries I have written about before, have started to change its image, just like every other form of media they envelope.

One of Vice's newest arms of the multi-limbed world dominating post-modern monster; Vice Shorts, is a brand new hosting body for short films, generally award winning, that have little to no impact on the world wide web due to the lack of short film distribution centres and popularity.

Not only do they report on shorts on their main website, they also upload shorts on their own youtube page that boasts over 1.5 million subscribers and 164 million video views in total. The collection of shorts on their youtube channel alone has over 1.6 million views, most of whom would have presumably not gone out of their way to find them and thus presenting them to a new audience of burgeoning filmsters. They have also been uploading behind-the-scenes features, which are incredibly popular with viral content, and seem to have much more to come.

Below you can find all of their uploads so far. Go forth good Vice, help change public opinion of short films so that they’re not just made to test out new DSLR's low light abilities or for the stepping stones of wannabe feature makers.