About (L)Azzy Blog

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I'm just your average angsty film making philosopher.

What I do:
  • Film reviews. I wont review every big blockbuster or give you up to date gossip. This is a labour of love.
  • Tips and HowTos when it comes to film making, I'm no pro, but I like to share as I learn.
  • General posts on any visual art/media that may interest me or that I feel should be highlighted.
  • Looking at 'THE BIGGER PICTURE' i.e. comparing films to one another, general social awareness, occasionally going off into rants with the word 'democratisation' written in blood across my forehead.
  • Helping fellow filmmakers and film journos in any way I can.
  • Sometimes posting some of my own photography and films. 

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-Paul Thomas Anderson

If you want to read more about me. Check here for updates.